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The History of Aberaeron

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Llanerchaeron - National Trust Country House near Aberaeron

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Cardigan Bay

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Dolphins in Cardigan Bay


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     Aberaeron in the past

Probably one of the oldest depictions of Aberaeron is this engraving by Henry Gastineau in his
1830 volume 'Wales Illustrated'.
The piers were completed by 1809 and the inner harbour was excavated after 1811.The harbour was fully completed in 1816 just a few years before this engraving.


Llanaeron - Residence of Mrs Lewes

Ty-Glyn, Vale of Aeron


Aberayron Bont

Pentwr Cottage


London House, Alban Square

The Feathers Inn and the Post Office


Victoria Street 1907

Market Street 1907


The Cadwgan at Aberaeron 1883

The Steam coaster 'Towy of Cardiff' 1925 


Aberayron - Aberystwyth Post Office wagon

Horse drawn Bus

Aeron Express:

In 1880, a hand-powered cable car 'The Aeron Express' was built to ferry workers across the harbour when the bridge was demolished by floods. It was built to ferry labourers from the Liverpool quay on Quay Parade, to the Birkenhead quay on Lon Yr Hafen , in the absence of a bridge across the river Aeron.


The 'Aeron Express' showing the winding gear

The 'Aeron Express'


Another version of the Aeron Express



GWR Buses at the Feathers Inn

The opening of the railway on May 12th, 1911

Railway opening day May 12th, 1911

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