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Our Local Food - Food and Drink produced locally

Ceredigion is a land of low hills, tumbling rivers and fertile valleys. Unsuited to mass arable faming, its many small farms have specialised in cattle and sheep farming and in recent years many have diversified to produce a wide variety of local specialties. This has been encouraged by a massive rise in tourism in the area over the last few years and the growth of the internet, which has brought about cost effective and wide reaching advertising for the small producer.

In a recent list Ceredigion  was named the top UK destination for good quality food following UKTV Food's Local Food Heroes  report. The study looked at locations all over Britain to find out which areas made the best use of their local, traditional ingredients.

Aberaeron is right in the middle of coastal Ceredigion and hosts the well known Cardigan Bay Seafood Festival each year. With prize winning meats, honey ice cream , the famous Welsh Mustard, local cheeses, organic vegetables, local seafood and dairy produce, Aberaeron is at the centre of Ceredigion's award winning food and drink industry with many producers  just a few miles from the town.

Seafood - Aberaeron has always been famous for seafood. In 1833 Samuel Lewis wrote: ' 'There is also a lucrative herring fishery, in which about thirty boats, with seven men to each'. He also wrote: 'Fish of very superior quality is found in abundance on this part of the coast, soles, turbots, and oysters, being taken in great numbers during the season.

Fish of superior quality - as well as crabs and lobsters are still fished locally, and sold in Aberaeron in season at 'Fish on the Quay' - shown on the right, and also at the Jenkins' fresh fish stall outside the Town Hall.

Country Markets - There are a large number of small fruit and vegetable producers locally, many of which sell their produce at the weekly Country Markets, including the Aberaeron Country Market on Tuesday mornings in Alban Square, the larger New Quay Country Market held on Friday mornings in the New Quay Memorial Hall and the monthly Farmer's Markets held in Aberaeron on the first Saturday of the month from May to September.

The photo on the left is the fruit and vegetable table at the New Quay Country Market. Click here for more information

Penlon Cottage Brewery at Llanarth produces a range of beers, all of which are bottle conditioned and matured to develop the flavours typical of this traditional brewing technique. They are unfiltered, unpasteurised and are vegan friendly. Their beers include: Ewes Frolic Lager, Lambs Gold Light Ale, Stock Ram Stout and Tipsy Tup Pale Ale

The Welsh Mustard Company was founded by two local businessmen from Aberaeron, Tom Williams and Owain Peckover. The Company is now expanding across the U.K. and has recently added two new products to its range, an Apple Sauce and creamy Horseradish Sauce.

Based on an old Celtic reference to “meat spiced with mustard seed and mead” The Welsh Mustard contains 42% honey - the ingredient from which Mead is produced.

Local Water - In rural Ceredigion, many farms and country properties have no access to mains water and get their supplies from bore holes or springs. The water falls as rain on the hills and mountains and is not polluted by industry or intensive arable agriculture as in much of the UK.

Ty Nant at Bethania, just a few miles from Aberaeron has recognised this and now produces a bottled water from ancient rocks deep below the Ceredigion countryside that is exported worldwide and sold in some of the best restaurants in the UK.

The New Quay Honey Farm produces a variety of products based on their honey. These include health products such as pollen from the bees, honey with royal jelly and pollen enriched honey. Chutneys and preserves include apple, ginger and honey chutney and honey and mead mustard. They also produce mead (shown on left).


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